Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Current ponderings

Fantastic result against Palarse, eh? Apparently, the atmosphere in the stands, and in the changing room after the game was great. Morale in the squad must be superb after a comeback last week and a local derby victory on Saturday. And two consecutive wins puts us up to the heady hights of seventh, only one place outside the play-off places! Wow, us, in the top half... I, like most Charlton fans, am enjoying the Championship; the excitement, the passion, but most of all the optimism I feel going into every game. I genuinly believe we can and should win every week, which is much better than hoping for a draw.

The latest rumour is that Pards is weighing up the possibility of signing a teenage Ireland international on loan, to replace Marcus Bent. Pudon?

England have two games coming up. I love watching England play, but only because I enjoy moaning and shouting at the overrated idiots when they mess it all up- again. Yet, I remain hopeful that one day, maybe far in the future ,there will be a good England side. Fat chance of that with Emile Heskey, yes, Emile Heskey, recalled.

If Mcaren is short of strikers then why not try Agbonlahor, Young, Moore or Derbyshire (all look like players with great potential) instead of Heskey.

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Andy said...

Couldnt agree more about the comment on Heskey. What is the point if players who have looked promising & commited in U21 games (i.e. Derbyshire), are overlooked instead of a past reject who has struggled to make an impact at Wigan...?!

PS, my mate told me of a chant doing the rounds at the Palarse game...

"I saw my mate, the other day,
I told him I knew of the white Pele,
And so he asked 'who is he?',
I told him his name is ANDY REID"