Saturday, 7 July 2007

Football hooliganism comes to The Valley

The word is that Jody Morris has put pen to paper (really?) and signed for Charlton. When he first emerged at Chelsea, he looked a promising and moderately talented attacking midfield player, but it wasn't long before his career entered a thuggish decline. An allegedly extravagant late night refuelling habit and a prodigious liberality with fist, mouth and nut accompanied him through a drift down the leagues, ending in the humiliation of a free transfer from the Spanners.

Surely it's time to take stock and pull yourself together, Jody. Get off your knees, stand up and be a real man. Oh... you are standing up.

Ben Thatcher, Jody Morris; who's next?-- Kevin Muscat? Ouch! Looks like we'll be watching Charlton from behind the sofa next season.

This blog, for one, can't say it's pleased to meet you, Jody.


charlton north-downs said...

Whats going on, its almost as though Pardew is saying, this is my team and I am definitely going to be singing. "I Did it My Way".

Canterbury Addicks said...

Agreed. Although most of his signings have been sound, this does seem a bit odd.

Kappacino Kid said...

Pards when he joined stated that he felt Charlton teams were too nice and that more steel needed to be injected, subsequently he also stated that the team needed to be stronger physically in the Championship that the Premiership. Thatcher did a good job when he joined us, until he got injured and then his form dropped. There is no official confirmation that Jody Morris has joined us, just that he is training at Sparrows Lane. It does not make sense that a player released by the spanners should be picked up by Pards, on the basis that if they are not good enough for the 3rd Division, they are not good enough for the 2nd.