Friday, 20 July 2007

Midfield Minefield

We're getting a bit worried about our midfield vacuum. Or perhaps it's more of a feather duster. We certainly lack a strong ballwinner -- Pards doesn't seem to rate Walton -- and, should Andy Reid get injured, we won't have much in the way of match-winning creative flair either. If true, rumours that Lloyd Sam is going on loan to Kilmarnock and that Jody Morris will not be taken on (good -- there's no way he's a Charlton player) create additional vacancies in our midfield. As the market gradually clears -- Clemence to Leicester etc. -- our options are narrowing all the time.

It would certainly do nothing to solve the ball-winning problem (is Mullins waiting in the wings? Or, sing it softly, Song?), but I am casting my eyes in the direction of Claus. All right, he's a luxury player, but what luxury! OK, he's injury-prone, but he could spend much of his time relaxing on the bench. To our own cost, we know that Claus is a player who can turn a game on its head in a few moments, coming off the bench. So far as I am aware, he's still a free agent. Let's go get him!

Stop press: Luke Young is said to be on his way to Middlesbrough. Is he sure that's wise?

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