Monday, 9 July 2007

How much of a Charlton fan are You?-- Find Out.

With pre-season dragging on, most Charlton fans start becoming restless as players return to training. I, for one, can't wait for the 11th of August when we face Scunthorpe. But are we all as keen as we think we are? Answer the following questions and find out.

Do you...

1) go to more than 10 games a season, including friendlies and cup games?
2) 15?
3) what about 20?
4) own a replica home shirt?
5) own an away shirt?
6) have the Official Web-site bookmarked in your favourites?
7) go to away games even if they are north of Birmingham?

Did you...

8) go to the games throughout the 70s and 80s?
9) help de-weeding (is that a word?) The Valley?
10) buy shares in the club to help with the finances?

If you scored nine or ten: you are a diehard fan.
If you scored five, six or seven: you are a loyal fan.
If you scored four or below: you are probably a Johnny Come Lately.
If you scored zero: you are surely wondering who Charlton Athletic are, and why you are on this blog. You are now checking the site address and realizing you made a mistake when typing in ''.

Up the Addicks.


Anonymous said...

I scored eight! what does that make me???????????

Phil said...

Well, I scored two, but I do live in Asia. I decided that the fake replica shirt that I bought in a Malaysian market for about £1.50 didn't deserve another point really. I've never liked gardening either.