Wednesday, 4 July 2007

So Where's Our Striker Then?

What's wrong with Charlton?

First there was Roberts and Charlton were hot on the trail of the Blackburn stricker. What came of it? Nothing...
Then there was Earnshaw and Charlton were on the brink of signing the Norwich star Did it happen? No...
Then there was Sahar and we had apparently secured the services on loan of the Chelsea starlet. Yet for some reason: nothing on the official website...
Then there was Todorov and Charlton had agreed a one year deal with the Bulgarian international. So where's the news story on the bleedin' website then.
And Eastwood, well, it looks like he's gone an' buggered off to Wolves. Readers, this is the final straw. Wolves.

Heads have got to roll. Either there is something wrong with Charlton that somehow repels players when they are just about to sign on the dotted line, or the official website is just being plain lazy (in the case of Sahar perhaps) and not posting the news. Whichever one it is, things aren't looking good.

Wait, who am I kidding? Nothing is wrong with Charlton. I know what the real problem is: the stupid strikers. They are obviously so over-awed by the magnificence of our club that they feel like they just ain't good enough for us. Never mind.

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