Friday, 20 July 2007

Romm's Gone! 'Bout bloody time...

Cast your minds back to Sunday the 5th of December 2004... I speak, of course, about the South London derby that ended one-nil to Charlton, courtesy of a last gasp winner from Dennis. This was supposed to be the moment that the speedy winger finally found his feet in the premiership after disappointing previously. Alas, it wasn't to be, as he continued to put in shoddy performances week in, week out until the end of his first season. But, I thought, plenty of players fail to make an impact in their first year in this physically competitive league, so I was willing to give Romm a second season.

No good. Rommedahl remains the same light-weight, work-shy, lily-livered, money-guzzling waste of space today, as he was the day he joined. All pace, no purpose.

Just six goals, none of which came at The Valley, from sixty seven largely pointless performances speaks for itself. Dennis, my boy, you will not be missed.

2.5 million for Young and 0.5 million for Rommedahl gives us some money to help fill the midfield chasm and to buy Mcleod aswell- fingers crossed.

Up the Addicks.

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